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We recognise the impact that fake news has on the reputation of individuals and businesses. Sometimes the damage is irreversible when it is allowed to grow. Here at FakeFixed, we can contain, reduce and sometimes prevent impact. We know what is effective and we also know what isn’t. Our bespoke services are tailored to suit your specific requirements. 


Whilst it is disappointing that companies and individuals need to fight so hard for their reputations online, we are here, with our market leading team of experts to do it for you, and we will work with your existing communications and crisis teams to coordinate responses. 


Our Service is simple. We monitor, remove, respond, analyse and report instances to you, and we will develop our service to match your individual requirements. Whether you are a victim of an attack, or you wish to reduce the impact of potential attacks, we can help you with our market leading team.


How does it work?


Our team is based in our Central London office, and are online 24/7. We work to build an in-depth understanding of your identity and brand so that we can identify the most nuanced misinformation that underpins fake news. We will:


  • Use our sophisticated service to review issues, know sources, and create a threat analysis 

  • Apply our crisis management services to your social media strategy 

  • Actively monitor for fake news stories so that they can be identified at the earliest moment  

  • Contain and remove the fake news from the social media platform or other media source 

  • Publish stories that debunk fake news and seek to use the incident as a marketing tool 

  •  Expose source websites that have been created to publish fake news 

  • Answer clients / readers comments and enquiries that discuss fake news stories on the internet and false viral claims.


It is essential to fight misinformation with accurate and impartial information and combating the viral spread of deceptions.


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