• Thomas Borwick

Fixing the Fake and Reassurance of the Real

In an age of ‘fake news’, ‘alternative facts’ and social media feeds updating quicker than our thoughts can function, it’s all too easy to get caught up in headlines, clickbait and the buzz around stories, events or even ‘facts’ that aren’t all they seem. Whilst no doubt an embarrassment for anyone victimised by, commenting on or even repeating, for a business such news can cause huge reputational damage and easily undermine your brand’s values and image.

What’s more, campaign groups are beginning to utilise so-called fake news to target and manipulate companies to further their own agendas. These sophisticated operations are considerably more difficult to spot than the usual rumours that circulate on social media. No longer are these just tweets and text; now both fake audio and video are becoming more prevalent and more difficult to distinguish from reality. Even the biggest and most famous of corporations have been unwittingly sucked in! Construction giant Vinci are one such big name who have been hit by scandal when a false news story broke that their CFO had been sacked as a result of misstated financial results. The rumour was entirely without merit, but the company lost 20% of its share price as a result; a devastating impact to not just its finances, but also its brand reputation.

That’s where we come in. FakeFixed is a market-leading digital service that offers support to businesses of all shapes and sizes in debunking and rebutting the false news and threats and instead ensuring communications are accurate, relevant and clear. With so much reliant on your business’ reputation, vigilance against the false is vital for both the building and protection of brand and corporate reputation.

Offering real-time support that will leave you in no doubt as to what is real and what isn’t, FakeFixed’s services ensure brand continuity and peace of mind. Fake or erroneous stories are detected, raised with you and contained. Anything damaging is removed and you will be provided with positive reputational rebuttal to counter any negative coverage. The service works essentially as an insurance policy but with practical cover to counteract anything that happens negatively as fast as possible.

The FakeFixed team of media and digital consultants are on-hand around-the-clock and provide media monitoring that is entirely bespoke to your company. Even the most subtle of disinformation (be it malicious and targeted or otherwise) will be identified and rebutted. Of course, our relationship with you will be covered by a strict non-disclosure agreement and all services will be tailored specifically to your firm’s idiosyncrasies and needs. Flexible fee options are available as well as a monthly retainer payment plans.

Don’t put your reputation at risk. Instead, invest in protection and integrity.

Contact the FakeFixed team today to discuss getting set up against scandal.

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