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A recent Buzzfeed investigation revealed that the top-performing fake news stories about the US Election on Facebook generated more engagement than stories from 19 respected news outlets combined.


However, there are effective, pragmatic solutions. At Kanto we know what works, when, and how, to take action. Don’t wait for the next fake news crisis to explode.

We at Kanto recognise that the proliferation of fake news online is having a significant effect on the reputation of commercial organisations and companies. We have created a service for fake news monitoring and rebuttal. It is essential to fight misinformation with accurate and impartial information, and combatting the viral spread of deceptions. 

How does it work?

We have a dedicated social media team based in our central London office, who are always online. We work to build media and information literacy, critical thinking, and hone our clients' understanding of media structures and content. We will: 

  • Use our sophisticated service to review issues, know sources, and create a threat analysis

  • Apply our crisis management services to your social media strategy

  • Publish stories that debunk fake news

  • Name and shame those websites who publish fake news

  • Answer clients / readers comments and enquiries that discuss fake news stories on the internet and false viral claims. 

We work with your existing communications and crisis teams to fully integrate the social media response to a problem. While it is disappointing that companies need to fight so hard for their reputations online, we are here to help and guide you. 

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