Reputational Insurance for the social media age


We are a voice against fake news online, predominantly produced by rogue activists and competing organisation's.


Our team rebut and combat fake news threats that are harming your organisation's reputation and business.


The service we provide gives you a constant monitoring and human detection system allowing us to assist with the swift containment of fake news stories and provide rebuttal, ensuring positive messages that counter any negative coverage are immediately promoted.




Media Monitoring 

Weekly reports and reviews of your industry and your social media reach.

Crisis Communications & Technical Rebuttal

On demand crisis communications and technical rebuttals team, capable of producing graphic and video content.

Why Should We care about

Fake News?

Fake Audio and Fake Video is already being used on the internet, if you have not yet seen why we and many organisation's are so concerned, please watch this video. 


Are you ready to respond if this video were to come out about your leadership team?

We are here for you in that crisis.

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